Ninja Cos

Ninja Cos
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Ninja Cos
small women riding sport bikes a few years?

Okay, now I'm 15, 5 and 6 feet high stone only: (lol I Tiny see I did not get much bigger as time goes on .. So here I want to ride a bike .. In the United Kingdom can take motorcycle course to 16 .. But after ABIT I want to mount something like a Kawasaki Ninja or something ^ _ ^ I was wondering, because I am so small, could too? If not what other sport bikes u could recommend? Because I like the Ninja 250R in the time ^ _ ^

This is considered a sport bike. These generally sold by Harley Davidson … This has a big enough engine for a small bike. These cost about $ 7000. … Most bikes I've mentioned here have been around for a few years. …. then they will ensure they have a suitable machine for you to travel and you

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