Belt Cosplay

Belt Cosplay
Finding / making Sergei Dragunov suit? (Cosplay Tekken)?

As I am in Aus have not found anything really appropriate and I'm not in the cosplay scene, so I do not know where to go. It would be nice to make the costume but I can not find: – Iron supplements for the eagle on his chest – belt (also straps are attached to your belt called? weapons is that?) How would I do with gold stripes on top of black boots? Preferably a substance it is removable. The rest of the costume I can source the elimination Army stores, just I can not find things that make it identifiable! I've looked all through eBay, both local and international.

After seeing a picture of the character (Http: / /, it appears that could actually make the ornaments on the breast of an eagle with gold foil spandex ( 2306), or if you prefer a look less money to the eagles, the regular use of spandex ( Your local fabric store should carry this material. If not, you can easily find online. Simply cut out the shapes of eagles and tail pieces and sewing it on the shirt. You can also use a strip of lycra in the upper boots. Since you do not want to set permanent strips to his boots, use removable tape double-sided adhesive ( I suggest that the first test tape to make sure the boots do not hurt when you remove the adhesive. Any office supply store should store this type of tape. The tape is not too unusual. You should be able to find something similar at your local Wal Mart. (Are there Walmarts in Australia?) Well, any cheap clothing store or a thrift store should have a belt like the image. If you can not find the right color, just paint. As for the decorative gold belt buckle square, you can probably find something similar on eBay. The belt straps are called hangers sword. The hooks and loops on the bottom of the straps clip onto the rings metal sheath. Maybe you could find the suspensions in a military surplus store or on ebay: = Hash item2c52a92afb is unlikely to find sword on hangers that match the image, so it could consider them. Try a hardward store for the metal clips and cut the belt fine appropriate length pieces to make the straps. We hope you find this information useful. Cosplay Happy!

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