Ninja Cosplay

Ninja Cosplay
Im Wheres a store near where I can get things Naruto (Canada)?

I am a big fan of Naruto and I really have to show that things like Naruto pencil cases, watches, bracelets, necklaces, etc. I live in Mississauga (Toronto near) Ontario, Canada North America, Earth, Milky Way etc., etc. What is a good store where I can buy things of Naruto? I have that I books, posters, symbols painted on the wall I scrap. Please do not ebay, im 12 and depth control of documents online. Where can I get things like stuffed toys, or Naruto frog purse: P would be too cool:

See if you can find it at Pacific Mall in Markham or Splendid China Tower across the street

Ninja Cosplay

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