Naruto Sand

Naruto Sand
Naruto:Sand Shinobi Tribute-Take me out

Naruto Sand
In Naruto Shippuden why the Leaf Village to help the village of sand? more?

I remember that when the sand village naruto attack Village of leaves during the Chunin exam? i Dunt understand why even an attack in the first place

Suna Konoha aid because of a hidden alliance between the two peoples. Gaara, the Kazekage of Sunagakure, is a good friend of Naruto, Tsunade, which the Godaime Konoha, considered his younger brother. So when Akatsuki attacks Gaara, Naruto becomes concerned and worried and want him back. Tsunade sent them because he knows that Naruto and Gaara is concerned because it also revenge of the sand when he helped in his fight against Kimimaro, Tayuya, etc., when Sasuke went to Orochimaru … before the Shippuuden series. Suna Konoha attacked because of Orochimaru. It was wrong to get revenge on Konoha and acted as his Kazekage after killing the royal family, who was the father of Gaara. Suna Konoha and have a sort of rivalry in the past. Shippuuden If you saw the episode where the team went to heal Kakashi Kankuro Suna, Chiyo Viejo Kakashi was angry because he believed he was the father of Kakashi, Chiyo, who killed the family or something. I forgotten the true dialogue. So yeah .. is a long time .. but that's what really happened ..

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