Phone Strap

Phone Strap
Cute PSP/Phone Strap Tutorial

Phone Strap
Then a belt Pre Palm phone?

The phone comes with a Palm Pre cut a strip of phone? Because I want to get the phone, but I really want to have a perfect bracelet with a choice of phone. Thank you ~

Yes, but the collaboration can of drilling a hole. will find a man who knows how to do technology. Now, if you will not strap a hole cut, then no less than the film If leather is also a perforation is unnecessary, heres a place to dive into 22palm% = +% 22 + pre Correa & um = 1 & ie = UTF-8 & ei = fJ9CSuTkOYeMtgefu-GXCQ & sa = X & oi = & resnum = 4 & ct = title product_result_group

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