Gourd Necklace

Gourd Necklace
Learn How To Make A Broken Gourd Necklace – Tutorial (HD)

Gourd Necklace
Question ~ ~ ? ? ? ? Gaara?

I was in the store when I saw this necklace with the FYE Naruto Shippuden I'm a lot E. I was like, "How is it Naruto?" Then I realized that the "E" have was in Gaara's gourd. http://ep.yimg.com/ip/I/circlered_2058_154433882 http://www.toysnjoys.com/naruto/ GE8690.jpg https: / / secure.netsolhost.com/029f59d.netsolhost.com/Goods/GE8688. jpg Does anyone know what they represent, what they are or why they are there? You bother me! Lol XD Thanks a million and 1 2 / ?

It is a stamp … I do not really know what its for … I think it is so that sand does not control Gaara, who controls it. but I know that this is not to look "cool. It is a seal … I read about it … but idk what the "truth" sry for Tho … bothers me too lol. and the person above me … not necessarily that she "loves" … Naruto Gaara show all .. . true fans of Naruto need and want to know everything there is to know. And if he does that "Wut Gaara … well .. I do lol … I'm like a total fan of Gaara i lol! Know more about it! ^ _ ^ It's my favorite character from Naruto! JapaneseLotus hope that help!

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