Metal Buckle

Metal Buckle
Is it machine washable army backpack (canvas, metal and fabric elements)?

I recently bought a backpack at a surplus store the army. It has metal buckles, zippers, etc, and is primarily web. The bottom half is waterproof or at least resistant – appears to be canvas. Since it is used or is stored for a long time, smells faintly of mold. Hand washing with a detergent does not cause the odor. "I can just clean the machine? If so, any idea what setting (s) for use (water temperature, etc)? Thanks!

The top of the dishwasher would work, but if you like me without a dishwasher that needs another option. Maybe try putting it in the washing machine, soft-cold cycle and let it air dry. If you can find a label on it, or instructions to wash at a site of the army might try to do that. I do not think is going to be ruined in the washing machine yet, unless you feel is a bad idea give it a try.

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