Ninja Sandals

Ninja Sandals
In Naruto and Naruto Shippuden?

Hey there. I accidentally posted the same two questions before this accident and I deleted them! O_O Anyway I Characters Naruto asked why wear shoes or sandals nontraditional Ninja things (A fan knows the answer) I also asked about their impressions about the episode 45 of shippuuden and do not you think that it was the first Naruto Sakura actually hold in your arms like that? My opinion is that this last 4 episodes in more emotional in Shippuuden so far. Heck it's even better than La Manga is why I love the anime better, which shows the emotions people EMOTIONS! I have Holly & Boat 110 e-mail! How the hell does that … Anyway, no, no, not yet understand why wear sandals. Hint Naruto creator is

Ah! I just had my answer to the question that has been erased. One moment I have to check something. The creator of Naruto sandals because I wanted to draw like drawing hands / fingers hands and feet / toes. He was originally going to wear boots for use, but he wanted the sandals, because I wanted to point out favorite parts of the fingers and feet. I also believe that you and the right, this is the first time Sakura was Naruto in his arms, which really was the other way around a lot. It is possible that the next couple of episodes will be emotional. I mean reallysee not in the manga, well, maybe it will be shown in the anime. Proabaly will be more emotional, because after YARS not see Sasuke finally see it again. Also returning to the sitution Saskura Naruto and I hope they do not become closer or more gather. I really want to see Naruto and Hinata get together, to me are even better, and are better together as well. NaruHina Forever !!!!! Hinata Rocks !!!!! Naruto Rocks !!!!!

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