Sakura Costume

Sakura Costume
Cardcaptor Sakura: Battle costumes

Sakura Costume
Card Captor Sakura Cosplay! : D?

Ok I need help finding a beautiful dress for Sakura! I love him, and I really want cosplay her in a dress and her school uniform. Something like this: But nobody in my family has an eBay account so that I can not puchese from there. There is that it's a beautiful dress willign sell well? Thank you! Am I mentioned – the fine provided Sakura would like a beautiful dress! Thank you!

Hello, I saw a couple of outfits that you like sakura but I must say that your most expensive compared with whom you've seen on ebay just click on the sakura pictures and you will see costumes also be able to find one here: if you just decided to make a measurement, a habit, perhaps you can see the list of Costumes http://www.cardcaptors-forever.shadow-wings. Goodluck battlecostumes.php net cosplay ^ _ ^

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