Doll Cos

Doll Cos
Pussycat Dolls – Push Back demo new

Doll Cos
my daughter was given a big STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE doll, it takes batteries,anyone got 1,whats it suposd to do?

my sisters freind gave my daughter their strawberry shortcake doll, cos their kid didnt want it anymore
i put batteries in it and i press the button on the chest but nothing happens, it also has these silver metal things on its hands, not sure if its meant to do anything
its probably just broken, but not sure what it used to do,, was it meant to talk?, or just smell when u press the chest?

any info would b fantastic, thankyou,, its also marked on the tag the year 2004 xxxxxxxxx
ok ill try and full explain how she looks-

3 AAA batteries needed
plush body plastic head
a bit bigger than a cabbage patch kid, but larger head
a silver dot thing on each hand
2004 on tag

hope that helps! xxxxx

you should look into the manufacturer because you just told us it’s a big strawberry short cake doll nothing else that’s not very helpful

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