Doll Cosplay

Doll Cosplay
ball jointed doll community?

For me, an art project at a size that will make life clay, jointed-wrist (approximately 5'5 "). The only problem is, even if I know how the seals are supposed to work and how it is designed to connect, I'm not sure how to make cuts in the bearings that allow the cable to move and let me raise the wrist. Does anyone have knowledge or know of any good web for this kind of thing? So if anyone knows anywhere in England, it sells, cosplay, as long wigs would be a great help ^ _ ^ also

What material is used? Resin or a similar structure can add perforations in the material by drilling a small hole in the area you want to delete, then use a jeweler's saw to see the area who do not want to leave. a jeweler's saw blades can be removed at each end to you can thread the blade through a hole. In a pinch lots of drilling holes close together and then present software can work well. Or throw the party at its distribution accordingly. If you want, check out this website which has everything to do with dolls ball I want to know as yourself instructions for making:

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