Chain Set

Chain Set
How can I set the timing chain on a big block marine engine?

I rebuilt a marine engine 502 and can not get same to start. Acting as if the ignition timing, but it is outside, I described the distribution and made its initial position and distribution of candles correctly. I am sure the timing marks aligned in the chain and sprockets, but is it possible to be 180 degrees on the timing of cam points of the line?

If the # 1 cylinder is at TDC on the compression stroke, but the distributor rotor is oriented to the # 1, then the distributor may be off. In other words, if you checked the distributor and the cam or crank and returned to the distributor to the position marked this is off. Make sure that when the timing marks on the gears are aligned with the # 1 piston is at the top of the cylinder and the distributor rotor is pointing # 1 spark plug wire. Also check that the firing order is correct. GOOD LUCK!

Chain Set

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