Naruto Hyuga

Naruto Hyuga
Who are your five favorite characters from Naruto?

I know this has probably been asked a hundred times, but .. you know. Anyway, mine are: 1. Nara Shikamaru 2. Hatake Kakashi 3. Kiba Inuzuka 4. Neji Hyuga 5. Kankuro Haters lost. Also, I think it's hot Izumo. XD

Hmm … I KNO. I think I'll have to go with: 1. Kiba Inuzuka 2. Deidara 3. Uchiha Itachi 4. Akasuna No. 5 Sasori. THT is Sasuke Uchiha from now, anyywaayyy.

Naruto Hyuga

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