Children Cloud

Children Cloud
In Final Fantasy Advent Children in the fight Bahamut-Sin can not be cured within the cloud Mega Flare?

If you look carefully green leaves by hand before curing Aries she says "ready" is the flow of life or cure a cast be in seventh heaven, because is inside Mega Flare? …. u can certainly be misheard! a question not give me the answer addeptations

Personally, I would say it has nothing to do with the power of life and healing. It is a visual symbol indicating a deep sense of much of what you find buried in the premises after a short review. During the event, Bahamut beats fast. Cloud goes after him and see him take a knife to Bahamut, but Cloud beat quickly, just like a fly, and begins to fall. After having used their power *. * So … Cloud returns to the game again, but this time, with the help of all friends of the past … See Barret, Cid, Tifa, * And the whole band took turns to go to the scene and giving a cloud more useful. After entering the area the Mega Flare, as you point out, is being hurt … to the point where you hear a little sigh, it good for the fight Cloud reserved = P. He just needs a boost last to leave ahead and strike, and when Aeris comes to his rescue. It is the icing on the cake compared to the performance of Cloud * that * needs his friends, and he did not fight alone. I need some thing to fight and to be encouraged, and found him in the spirit of camaraderie and love shared with them. The light from Aeris is or least a visual interpretation of their delivery, the clouds * * OK to live your life, and everything will be fine! She is just helping hand grasps the last to get this final burst of energy to reach and hit Bahamut ~ I'm sorry to walk, but I'm a big fan of stories from the world of Final Fantasy except you know lol =) I hope not too boring!

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