Cosplay Pendant

Cosplay Pendant
Bleach fans: this is the necklace for that thing was in the layer of Yoruichi?

let Ichigo to save Rukia borrow? Link: Also, nobody knows where I can find a pack of two passes? I looked at both Amazon and eBay … necklaces have all squads except for the guardian 2! So what?? Hasani – Thanks! Is one of the best eps too. This symbol is s — on the shield would destroy the soukyoku Ukitake too … Why?!?! Strange … it is not part of the clan is Shihouin?! Grady>>> Just go on Ebay and search necklaces Bleach where they are!

Yes, it is the emblem of the family Shihoin. Edit: The reason lies in the "shield" (not a shield but it is used to activate the ropes that bind to and destroy the bird on the fire) because Ukitake was probably links with Shihoin since he is of noble blood.

Cosplay Pendant

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