Plush Doll

Plush Doll
Does anyone know where I can find a doll Jojo?

I relly want one of these dolls JoJo Horton Hears a Who everybody talks but impossible to find !!!!!!!! Anyone know where I can find one?

JoJo has never been mass produced by any company or for sale in stores, but there are people who make them. I saw them at and I saw on Ebay: http://shop. /? = R40 & _trksid _from = M38 + and _nkw Horton and JoJo _sacat = See-All Categories "If you look around Internet long enough and in touch with people who you should be able to find one to buy. Or if you know someone locally who sews you might ask if they can make one. Another suggestion is to find someone on the Internet and stitching plush items and ask if I could do a JoJo. Good luck! JoJo I love too:)

Plush Doll

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