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Plush Shoe
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Plush Shoe
What kind of shoes should she wear with her Halloween costume?

My daughter will be 15 months on Halloween and she is going to be a purple plush unicorn with a sparkle mane and rainbow tail. It’s a zip up suit with the unicorn head worn on her head. The legs are elastisized at the ankles. I have no idea what kind of shoes she should wear with this outfit. She’s a size 5 in shoes. Any suggestions? Or links to sites? Thanks!
I am confused about that style of shoes to get her. Maryjanes? Sneakers?

I would get sneakers. When my grand was that age we found a pair of sparkly. silver glitter type sneakers that looked so cute!
The next year she went as “Dorky”. That’s what she kept telling me any way, she really wanted to be Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. We used red glitter MJ’s with that.
I still have the shoes and she’s 12.

I’d take the stroller too if your going more than a couple of houses!

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