Moon Supers

Moon Supers
Sailor Moon SuperS Opening 1

Moon Supers
are all sailor moon episodes after epi. 90 sailor moon supers?

i’vebeen watching all the sailor moon episodes up until 90, and the sailor moon supers come up with the search along with regular ones, but now that i am past episode 90, they are all supers. i’m using if there are ones that aren’t sailor moon supers, can you give me a link please? thank you.

No, the official numbering says that 90-127 is Sailor Moon S. And 128-166 is Supers. Then after that is Sailor Stars. I watched them on Youtube. Some people’s numberings are off because of the Japanese and English episode numberings varying due to undubbed episodes. I watched from users goddessliz and goldfishbowl91.

Have fun watching! They’re all really good and it was nice rewatching them.

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