Black Headband

Black Headband
What dye I have to use to make my naruto headband black?

Since I cosplay as itachi (Woot Woot) i refuse to use a tape light blue. > __ <So, how I can go about dying it black? (Or dark blue)

Probably some kind of color textile dyeing, hair things will not work. I suggest you go to a store where they have that kind of thing and ask. I've never tasted anything like it … Well, maybe when I painted cosplay my shoes, but it makes a bit hard, so do not try on a tiara. They are a hell they are. But then you'r flashback Itachi cosplay? So I figured since I've never heard of the missing-nin blue headbands. I would buy a new one, since they are not very expensive. You can never have to many. Or if you cosplay the flashback you can go without, if you're not doing the ANBU. And it would be fun to see a picture of the cosplay finished. Always interesting to see when others do the same character as you. I know there are more Akatsuki cosplayers you can have a unique context, but most of them are nothing. And it's better start practicing being in class, now is difficult to behave like when you're in hyper Itachi. XD Good luck with your cosplay character Impressive! (^ / _ ^)

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