Tailed Fox

Tailed Fox
Is it true that the nine tailed fox inside Naruto is your mother?

i herd of a child in school nine tail fox is really your mother who is actually trying to help and it is true that all naruto over time and form four queues Demond is actually a short-lived and he never nine tails?

N ยบ. The Nine-Tailed Fox is Naruto's mother … it is a real person kushin called Uzumaki. Entering his devil Narutos always reduces the life – if you are a tail does not affect or reduce ….. Life begins when two tails to wrong …. wen three tails is your body begins to burn …. goes four tails wen your skin is completely burned and there was no control over their actions, because the skin starts to burn Narutos Naruto nine tails chakra naturally begin to heal – which reduces the life of Naruto healing. the maximum number of tails Naruto has come so far is 4. I do not think Naruto will go beyond four because they want more powerful by increasing their own skills and limits chakra. Kakshi also said Naruto has already surpassed tat tat be kakashi and nine fox queues only within its (Naruto) own power more than nine tails. EDIT and gave him the 2 people above me a boost, because they are right about his actions … give me green light while ur at it: P

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