Naruto Hatake

Naruto Hatake
How many of u like Nara Shikamaru Hatake Kakashi and Naruto more and why?

I just want to know if I am not alone in this …. I knew Kakashi has many fans, but I find Shikamaru? I like these two guys for their freshness and intelligence! And how many of these kids liked it as much as his top 3?

Those are my two favorite characters. I answered a question like this before and I took them. I like Kakashi because he is intelligent and mysterious (which makes very sexy), and vicious battle! I like Shikamaru because he is smart, not take things too seriously and help their friends till the end. In addition, I like these two, because you can say something like Kakashi Shikamaru when he was younger because it is always late, as no big deal!

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