Doll Japan

Doll Japan
Do you have any information about the doll Automata sylvaine music, made ??by Sankyo Shoji co. ltd. in Japan?

she plays the harp when music box is wound by key. No music box plays topic.

Check the spelling of the company SANKYO SHOJI Co.Ltd. 5-11, Japan Tel YAKATAMACHI: 734261133 Primary Industry: Chemical Industry SIC Code: 5169 – Chemicals and Allied Products, NEC Then I found that made music boxes here is the following information, email and ask Sankyo Shoji Music Boxes And Shuichi Tezuka movements – message sent, please reply to sender and MMDigest – [In MMDigest 040,523, Matthew Caulfield asked about the mysterious [Disappearance of the cash flow of music from the web sites of Sankyo. There have been some shufflings important for the last couple of years here in Sankyo and all the music business is now run by us, Sankyo Shoji Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Nidec Corporation is a leading global manufacture of small precision motors. Sankyo Shoji is a member of MBSI. Standard Sankyo musical movements such as 18N or mini, are all made and sold outside of Japan by our licensing partners. Here in Japan, the great movements of the cylinders as 23N, 30N, 50N, 72n, and disc players, 20N, 22N, 45N, 80N and available, and regulate our finished music product. Sankyo is active in the music business, more than ever. There come to an unexpected situation, however, that we were forced to temporarily cancel music site. Try our URL if it is above all in our own language, but sometimes seeing the pictures helps you get the right ideas about the product and the service we are driving. We have been working in English translation. Also contact my partner U.S. (Actor), Tony Bernardo (Telephone: 201-529-1978), who will be happy to help you with any information (almost) in the industry. Rev. Shuichi Tezuka exports. Sankyo Shoji Co., Ltd. Bakurocho 2-3-2, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku Tokyo 103-0002 Japan 03-3667-5256 [ delete ". Geentroep" to respond] put the company name search engine as the name of the doll did not work. Maybe this will give you a good start!

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