Cosplay Rare

Cosplay Rare
CosplayHelp: I'm doing the simplified Black pink suit (in. / / HACK) and is almost done! Unless …?

… I have no idea how to make the bra-like chest plate. For those of you who know not what they seem, here are two reference images of the simplification of dress and costume Rena original Black Rose: Simplified / images / rena.gif Original: The Faulds (or plates hip) and armor for girls costumes are made of metal. They are made of cardboard Faulds. To maintain consistency material, I tried to make a game of cardboard cups a clip close to chest strapless, but then I realized that there was little support for the breasts, and that the costumes had a strap that went over his shoulder. Since I could not reach an ingenious way to make a plate of a bundle, "I threw that idea quickly. It is rare to see a cosplay Rena, and the help is not easy to find. If anyone has any suggestions, I am all ears.

You could paint a bra with metallic paint. If you can not find a list of correct color metallic fact, there are additives for paint that will give you a shine. It would be even easier to match the bra and Faulds if tracked magenta cloth and covered both with him before painting. Then only have to paint on shiny metal "highlights" To make the watermark around the bell, you could try polymer clay. Polymer clay is very easy to shape, relatively lightweight, hard cooked in your oven. Some brands cures very hard and have more flexibility which can help to support and take it all. You can find plenty of comparisons on the different brands. You can find this type of clay increased supply hobby or art stores. Make sure you find out how you sew the clay before baking. Poking holes in the clay with a toothpick before it in the oven is much easier than trying to drill through it once they are cured.

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