Cute Face

Cute Face
If a man has a cute face, but he has a natural slim? Is this a defect?

People laughed at me at school full time to be thin, I hated him.

People make fun of many others in school. They laughed at me too. I plump and I thought it was a good appearance. It had a devastating effect on me as a young man. It took 25 years for me to do more and to see that you just your enjoyment of life for children. It was not until two young girls in a fight over me, I realized that not too bad at all. I've been called many times more beautiful than I remember, and when half of my daughter invited me to the age leave for an appointment, I knew it was all BS. Ignore the others, especially when it comes to the air. The girls are not all the others. They those who impress the kids at school. Take a year old boy 51 years, he will do very well especially if you have a pretty face, as you say.

Cute Face

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