Naruto Leaf

Naruto Leaf
Does Kakashi Gaiden Naruto animated leave when he leaves the village with Kharga Oasis?

I read the manga after chapter where Naruto Kharga Oasis will. Kakashi Gaiden was just after. So if anyone knows whether to go after Naruto leaves please tell me!

Well actually it is not safe or has decided not to show in the anime or not. The Kakashi Gaiden is really very little chapters are used to break with the end of the original ICO Naruto Naruto Shippuden. So these chapters are back in the past and show the children Kakashi and his teammate and master the 4th Hokage. As if to show or not but seeing is truly possibleity ome. Although it is possible for Naruto, because there is often a fill on occasion, while all the anime, and instead of showing it is not really what matters plush, you can take the time to show Kakashi Gaiden, so hopefully. Naruto Rocks !!!!!

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