Soft Metal

Soft Metal
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Soft Metal
machete 1998 v-6 .. 3.1L engine noise like metal scraping gentle with the engine running?

Hello i have a 1998 Cutlass with a 3.1L V-6 engine .. When I turn the car, he did not move the engine area makes a soft hiss, not a scream or cry, but as a soft scraping sound of metal as the engine is on. It all started last night. So this morning, the noise is still there. I do not put WD40 on the belt with large lines in half. The great belt everything revolves around the running engine. thanks

There are several things that could happen here. 1, there is a relationship that is wrong with the alternator, A / C compressor pulley, water pump, and pulleys. 2 pump failure of leadership. 3 might well have lost under the car and leaned out the inspection cover cons of driving wheel. You'll need to listen carefully and try to isolate the noise source or to entrust it to a mechanic>

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