Cosplay Head

Cosplay Head
Who should I cosplay as?

Hey guys, my sister and I need some advice to those who need us to address a cosplay convention. I am a 5'10 "blonde hair, half of women (but I'd be willing to dye temporarily) and have very feminine. I am ready to go as a man if necessary, but some women prefer hard-ass. My sister is "5.8, also with blonde hair, but not as curved as me. It was also rather be a girl and you want to keep your hair color. Advice? I'm open to things outside of manga and anime, Funny games or even charaters. Thank you! A bit more about us, our hair is long (middle back) – Mine is wavy and my sister is right, and wears glasses, but it can easily change contacts. Sorry, no photos available! I thought it would be fun to go, as if wearing a wig Yuko and get my sister to dress Mokona, but it does not go for it!

For the hell of Prism Ark sister Your sister could be the game Alias Worter Zwei (but it is a cat girl)

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