Ninja Black

Ninja Black
Black cat, ninja turttle I do not know what to wear!?

I want to be a black cat or a girly version of a ninja turttle. but what in the world do I start?

If they were going to be a girly version of a ninja turtle, get a pair of green shorts and trousers, a green shirt and a tank top, and pieces of red, purple, blue or orange fabric. Do the bands for the wrists and eyes drilling holes. Carry a fake gun of choice or a slice of pizza fake or real. For your deposit, go to the craft store and get a card or a few sheets of green foam and glue them together and cut an oval. Then suddenly four holes in sheet so you can put a piece of cloth or elastic through them for all arms and keep your deposit. Or you can get a cheap shirt and sew the foam and board directly on the shirt. Grab some green eyeliner or lipstick gerrn yellow and some shine to the girl to make a little. If you want to be a cat make a tail by tying strips of cloth into a knot around a piece of rope from a luittle longer than you want your line to be. When you see the way you want it, tie it around a black belt. Use of black shorts or black pants and a shirt. You can put your hair in two small buns on top of your head for the ears, Barrett felt or glue to defend the triangle ears. Use eyeliner to give yourself cat eyes and wiskers. Have a great time!

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