Itachi Akatsuki

Itachi Akatsuki
In Naruto, how are the members of Akatsuki Itachi and Kisame as false and Zetsu can appear anywhere?

Akatsuki Leader asked who would go ahead and Itachi Kisame just appeared there. Zetsu also seems to be wherever he wanted. What is this?

Is a type of genjutsu that gives a person a form of the person using the genjutsu. This temporarily gives this person the power to the caster genjutsu. ex) when Itachi and Kisame cast the spell of his subordinates and suddenly I had the same power of the members of Akatsuki. But there is something wrong in the genjutsu. When the genjutsu or receive the credentials of the wheel, but u do not receive the Kekki Genkai that person. the other thing is that nobody can not use IHS own capabilities when in the genjutsu. Apart from this genjutsu is near mint condition. The answer to a question about Zetsu be able to moving around is that even in the form of telepathy, it may transfrom in a plant that grows in soil that may be able to move everywhere. trust me on this information, I am a big fan of Naruto, I did some research on this long.

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