Anime Cos

Anime Cos
I want a kiss with the best anime, drawn, comedy and romance?

I hate the dub and sub please do not put not in what is foreign as + blood and all the manga so please tell me if it is, and I loved seeing and Skip Beat, Ouran, Special Pretear, shakgan therefore no Shana season …. etc. oh yes and also Shugo Chara yumeiro pastry and some other cartoons, but please do not put those in the List of Wikipedia Because I looked and looked through all and some of them is not my taste and so on ….. I will answer, or if I see him now so thx and I like YAOI and YURI Tamiki i luv but I try School Rumble failed and the other beings or given were good, but unfortunately, I saw no mention me thx and srry see Toradora beautiful and complex and the other strength of this mode i srry to be really picky

in my case theres too anime romance and not enough free time I like Toradora! (Anime Romance is fun, is a dependency of the first episode), then theres Lovely Complex (high girl falls in love with a boy. Its actually quite fun) Shuffle (high story, great animation. But outside the classroom bother me in the final. Harem / ecchi / Romance) Love Hina (novel Probably the most memorable anime I seen. Very funny, I thought at the end of the anime week) Chobits (a boy falls in love with his Persocom. Really fun Ecchi / Romance anime.Great moral of the story) 4 Nyan Koi! (Fun Romance Anime)

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