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Member Ring
Who is your favorite member of the Fellowship of the Ring?

and if you have a preference, tell me if Aragorn or Legolas is hotter? (Aragorn is a wrinkled old man ….)

How long to know who is hotter? Aragorn has won each of its lines through 60 years Journey to Middle Earth. It is wise, has been tested by time. And the difference of this film (p * SSED me off for that matter) who worked to embrace his role as king and to unite his people. Elrond said when I was 20, shortly after he met Arwen for the first time that the only way that worthy of his marriage is whether he has become king, then his blood would not be enough to be worth it. But I digress. My favorite award has been and always be Gandalf. Not because he is a sorcerer. But because it is incredibly complex. People have the mistaken impression that after a battle with the Balrog, and returned as Gandalf the White was somehow more powerful. But this is not the case. He wore a white dress to show he was the head of the Astari, the White Counsil, a position that Galadriel wanted from the beginning. I could go on for days, but I end here.

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