Cosplay Anime

Cosplay Anime
What should I cosplay anime convention?

IM 14 5'6 "I have short brown hair brown, with streaks of gold, brown eyes hazelnuts, and I am white and thin … Eye color can change with color contacts! Nothing too old as 80 or watever and something that is not as might believe a normal school girl, something that people knew what show it is. What should I cosplay? Please help!

This is this cartoon called Blade Witch and the Main character looks like the way they describe. It is not exactly a schoolgirl .. but it started a **! *** Edit I thought of another … and that, in reality, is a schoolgirl! It is a XxxHOLiC show titled (despite the X is not a sex show at all, I promise!). One of the main characters is a girl from school and his name is Himawari. She has curly hair and she is very sweet and bubbly. Here are some pictures:% 5B2% 5d.jpg bscap0024iibg4.png

Cosplay Anime

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