Anime Action

Anime Action
I need a good romantic comedy anime with some action?

I am very fond of young girls in a Multiple anime boy, but it has its moments of action and fun. I loved Tenchi Muyo, and I'm capu2 Rosario + Vampire, just to give a framework reference. Popular suggestions

His short list. Elfen Lied – focus more on action and drama, the romance is good, though depressing, but there is some comic relief in it, a beautiful end tambiĆ©n.-1/2- Ranma More comedy and romance with some cool fight scenes, a good series long. DNA2 – Comedy and romance with some things I read ecchi manga, but I've only seen a few episodes of anime so I'm not sure Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-eso.-chan, not very romantic, but a lot of humor, gore and Strawberry Panic-ecchi.-shoujo-ai things really romancy, a comedy, but Action 0, this cartoon will make you a good yuri demon. Just a couple of my favorites.

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