Potion Plate

Potion Plate
KMS Alchemy (Creating Potions and Dissembling Items)

Potion Plate
An old story tells TV show!?

begins with a man sitting near a fireplace with a dog … group children seated around him and he will tell a story … I remember a little of each episode: "I remember a witch (she was a witch mean) she was ugly and turn a beautiful woman after drinking a potion and turns some people to frogs, but she did not enter a house or whatever it moves in a car or something … and moorland boy love with the daughter (she loves) and made her its loss a frog and throw the key into a river … "Another episode theres a plate on which a hacker to appear and speak before a daughter of a treasure maybe I do not remember … please help!

This sounds like Amazing Stories – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amazing_Stories_ (TV_series)

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