Strap Anime

Strap Anime
please help !!!!!!!! 10 points !!!!!!!!!! whos this manga anime character / ????!!!! please please HELP !!!!!!!!!!!?

Ok, so my lil sister some manga / anime hobby shop figure works for some time, and I was wondering what character and what is the manga / anime it is. So I have this reddish color (real red, not orange) hair, softish but it's like a red rose with a POCO. She bangs and hair in two long braids tied with blue ribbons. Elf has pointy ears. She wears a dress white is a lil shinyish, perhaps as silk? And the upper two straps sleeveless dress, and goes barefoot. It also lifted the bottom of the dress sorta a little to catch the petals of the cherry blossom (remember this is probably what does not make it all the time in the manga / anime) and she is kneeling, and it also has a blue ribbon in the back of her dress. So can someone tell us who and / or what the manga / anime that belongs ????? Sorry no photos available! Thank you!

Sounds a lot like Lacus Clyne in Gundam Seed

Strap Anime

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