Uchiha Plush

Uchiha Plush
Itachi plush review

Uchiha Plush
Uchiha Sasuke plush (CUTE) Help?

I want a Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto anime / manga) plush for my best friend as a gift. Shes wanted one for a while and Im going to have a surprise, but everything I've seen are really frightening future. I want to know where you can get a very nice, does not seek a strain and that's all weird looking. Ive seen the cat in costume, but she said she just wants a plain plush, free of added material.

You can get a very nice amazon.com September 1 inch. Sasuke in his normal clothes. There are no stupid cat. There is also a fucking stamped circleanime.com Oruchimaru. Other is a bit ugly, but it is toycup.com 12inches high. Hope this helps.

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