Necklace Cosplay

Necklace Cosplay
Desperately need help organizing Jrock Cosplay Costume DIR EN GREY!?

Dir en Grey is coming to my city home in August with an American and a few bands that I really want to show my support for them in particular. I'm dying to go Kyo drain Minutes away, but I'm having some difficulties. If anyone can help me with any point of Kyo on photos below, I would be very grateful. I do not need help is the neck and belts, well … fm0302-kyo1.jpg pretty THANKS SOOOOO MUCH to all those who can assist! By the way, if you do not know who Dir en Grey … I suggest you download and Some know! ^_^;;; Http: / / Damn! I put the link wrong because I'm an idiot. Well, voila! Http: / / http://i7.

To each his own, it what I say. If this is what you seek is your choice. The hair can be achieved through a supply store or a circus SideShow theater company as a wig. The clothes are available at your local second hand or local punk seller. The badge was not able read the files, but can also be obtained from a retailer probably punk, local organization or non-governmental protest the promotion of dissent and disobedience. The attitude you have to do yourself, and it seems to be the important one of them: the position the body, hand movements, facial expressions, tone of voice, etc. get your mind in the character, and the remaining flow.

Necklace Cosplay

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