Cosplay Necklace

Cosplay Necklace
NEED HELP FAST. I'm going to an anime convention on Saturday and I need help with a cosplay item. A necklace?

Can anyone tell me where I can find a necklace like the Moka cheap one (below) is using? Pleeez help! Thanks

You'll never find in real stores. This is what you do, take a piece of smooth black fabric is quite thick and cut to fit your neck like a collar. Buy some really cheap pearls froma dollar store, JoAnn, or claire, and cut into pieces, then hot glue them in the collar as image. You can use a cross or something cheap, attatched it, and put glitter over it to look like jewelry. If this is a contest, you'll want to get all the details below (Which are very strict), but if it's just for fun walk around, you can do to your liking and add ribbons, lace and other nice things. Good luck!

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