Headband Anime

Headband Anime
Any anime-inspired accessories?

;]]]]]]]] Hayyoooo jeje xD Um, you know, I cosplay a lot … and when I do, I still dress cosplay costumes .. or .. rave or cybergoth … or harajuku .. or lolita .. hehe xD Well, back to the point .. What are some good ANIEME / accessories inspired manga? Example: The Notebook Death Note, manga / anime / movie Death Note. It is true that notebooks are apperntly to kill people''''… even tho never work, 3. What are some good anime other accessories? In addition to the Death Note notebook, kunai, naruto stuff head band, or wings ????? : Tankchuuuu];]]

I really like cosplay too! And I think as, sells real Naruto is cute! In addition, the hair is very important. BIG hairbands: D REAL NICE … Hmmmm, well, the dye, hair dye lot. And if you cosplay swords a shounen character; D Definitely. However, the swords are expensive! D: Anyway my personal favorite is long socks cute. what anime-ish: D Good luck and manga anime forever Whoooo!

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