Naruto Costume

Naruto Costume
Naruto Cosplay [Nice Costumes]

Naruto Costume
Naruto costume help?

I might be going to this costume Naruto thing and I wanted to go Genma because few people want. If I really need to make the costume?

also, of course, you'll need a jacket, toothpicks, and the headband. Head bands and teams are vital to Naruto cosplay. (Hey, if you must, go with a tiara itachi: it remains a band eh ….) Konoha, so make sure your hair is exactly like the character, or some people might be upset. Me think that if you do not look like the character, even if something is wrong with the hair usually ignore them. and of course, if you could also have the same personality, which helps a lot. That is the problem with characters not often seen, nobody knows great personality …. Good luck!

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