Naoko Takeuchi

Naoko Takeuchi
How to obtain the URL for the creators of Japanese manga?

write a letter to artists such as Rurouni Kenshin manga by Clamp for Nobuhiro_Watsuki Cardcaptors Sailor Moon by Naoko Takeuchi Yu-Gi-Oh! by Kazuki Takahashi, Maison Ikkoku, Ranma ½, Rumiko Takahashi Inuyasha by most other artists

Contact Contact us manga publishers (their address is usually on the editorial page that the first page before the cover), who will contact with Japanese manga publishers, who will contact the artists for you, but shall in no circumstances give your personal address (privacy policy). It is the same for authors of novels, fiction and nonfiction. Although sometimes the page editor, you can find an e-mail address where you can Send Fanmail. Try the first e-mail. Otherwise, Google.

Naoko Takeuchi

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