Naruto Frog

Naruto Frog
Naruto is stronger than Jiraiya?

Is it really more powerful than Naruto Jiraiya? I mean. If Jiraiya is wise as Naruto, why not use the same techniques as Naruto did. They are more or less the same. As Naruto, why did not Jiraiya met three large frogs and frog calls a stupid shit?

Because, as stated in Fukasaka Chapter 350, Naruto is the only person capable of doing. You have huge chakra reserves and determination to be able to create a Rasengan effective and wise. Jiraiya was only able to create a rational unstable because only human beings, for he could not harness the power of her as Naruto (which has even been subjected to the skin!). Also. Naruto has an amazing healing factor, as stated in stems recovered from stab chakra pain in the back and hands. Jiraiya probably have done better during his fight against pain, but has been weakened, perhaps to try high-level jutsu like the ball many Flaming Toad, and could not bear the pain. In addition, part of the battle Jiraiya against the six paths of pain is off the screen, so I do not know how many battles did, or if he has lost all six channels, then they were gone, but the way Asura restored. What we know is that managed to defeat one of them, which is better than all the villagers along all pain silted. Therefore, Jiraiya was powerful, but it was more than human. Naruto is Superman!

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