Akatsuki Cosplay

Akatsuki Cosplay
Akatsuki Cosplay + Dance off

Akatsuki Cosplay
Akatsuki Hidan Cosplay from …. Help?

Ok, so this month of May in Raleigh is an anime and of course I like Hidan. I got everything few questions to ask … 1. How the scythe blade 3? 2. What color nail polish is Hidan? So my friend will like so Akatsuki Pein … Certainly it is God RELAM … 1. How all this can stick hair and everything? 2. How to do this without my friends acctually peirceing piercing face? 3. What your eyes? (Pein has a strange pattern in the eye called Rinnegan eyes.) Thanks for answering my questions cosplay!

Hidan 1. I used a type of wood and painted red cane, wrapped cloth around the end. (I dipped the rag in hand before the glue), I used to development of foam sheets which can be obtained at any craft store, and sent it to the size and shape I wanted. I bought two shades of red paint and painted the background are lighter shade and the top half of the darkest, it adds a truly stunning effect. After glazing with this …. things to keep everything was smooth and shiny. 2. Hidan nail polish is dark green. Pein 1. For Auction is what I first use gel to hold as much as possible, then I get three friends, one fit and to keep each pin, a spray a spray dryer, and dried immediately after spraying to remain in place. (Open a window! XD) 2. For ear piercings black ribbon around the propeller. XD I'm not really sure what to use for drilling Yes, but to protect it would use the silicone adhesive. Remove glue hurts like others, but not as bad as the glue and nail. XD (It feels a bit easier) 3. If you do not want to spend lots of money theres really nothing I could do for the eyes … Unless you like … ER mutation. XD For eyes Peinsa you wear colored contacts. And to use color contacts is already your friend must have a size of contact made to it or it will not be able to command. As I said … if you have a party ready for your portfolio. xD http://02a5349.netsolstores.com/pein.aspx http://02a5349.netsolstores.com/pein2.aspx sure that the site is reliable when it decides to seek them. I do not bother me not because I wanted to check just one example. You do not want to get contacts of poor quality. He does things that you …

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