Anime Hot

Anime Hot
In a show called Cardcaptors, no person named Yue (hot), but where is the ongoing anime?

In Cardcaptors, this show anime, there is hot and my favorite character whose name is Yue. Yeah, well there's this one anime called Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles Cardcaptors continues outside. You have the same characters, but how is that he is not and where is it?

only a few new characters are exactly the same as sakura but others resemble the characters from Card Captor as Fye resembles Yue (to be) as it is made of the same or watever CLAMP could call … There are even characters like xxxHolic the Card Captor and Tsubasa Tsubasa .. BELOW IS NOT YOUR ONLY AS SIMILAR Card Captor Sakura in Tsubasa Clow belongs to the world and Card Captor Sakura used to collect Clow cards!

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