Doll Naruto

Doll Naruto
Scream Naruto (still doll)

Doll Naruto
The only people who watch Naruto?

here r some questions that need asnwering What if: Sauske not emo? Choji had allergies food? Naruto kissed Hinata? Neji Hinata is an ass kicking? Tenten had little depth perception? Akamaru was a girl? Read a good taste in clothes? Sia I had a friend? Timari had an electric fan? Konkuro had a doll rather than a puppet? Talon had a peanut on his back? Juryia was not a pervert? I dropped a nuclear bomb in akaskies AC? Orochimaru was a cow? Kisame was fool's gold? Sakura and Naruto Sauske dead? Suppose proposed Kurin? Kurin Asuma said NO? Kabuto can not heal the same Gia acted smart? Ino is eating food? Kiba is another dog? Was not lazy Shikamaru Shizune was not all time spasing Itachi loved his brother? Tsunade could beat the game Naruto uses his sexy jutsu and went into the locker room does not?

No, it was not emo because he was just quiet It's not "I Hate The World" "I do not think you just get sick i want NaruHina FOREVER! Neji was not at all" blah, blah, blah, blah top destination "Maybee IDK ha funny but he is a friend, but it should be yellow … made their" youth "anymore! yes and Houde has bottomed! (Temari) would barbie clubs or golf? (KANKORU) would be this type of peanut in commercial (but still wuld like me!) Ending the show! * Tears of sadness Akatsuki and in a nuclear bomb? it has more milk than sick perverted bastard he must be nice to be a bluefish gettit knife? then I'll delete it! and redraw the Naruto and Sasuke (Kurenai) yes, but he died * yay * sad times sad, sad for celebration, because all four eyes Arthur disappeared! (Or Harry Potter) kakashi gay and then kill the show for your geekyness bless you! Chouji then look like! But Bossier because Chouji is awesome! His name means sumthing then blue (aka means red because maru means sumthing) so he can come clean my room and I love it! it is then cool, then everything would be delayed Naruto and no one will see (it's tru that Sasuke does not rock as much as other characters, but he and his company makes the show intresting) then the world because every time collasped Tsunade wins bad things that happened was funny it would be chasing the wrong people! NARUTO ROCKS! You Rock! Gaara ROCKS! I ROCK! NaruHina ROCKS! Ramen Rocks! Fans of Naruto ROCKS!

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